About Us
We are locally owned and operated in sunny San Diego, California.  Our mission is to help you identify your next clinical candidates as soon as possible.  To achieve that, our strategy is two-fold: 1. Supply you with the most drug-like medicinal chemistry building blocks, and 2. Have all our products in stock 100% of the time so we get them in your hands as fast as possible.  We also strive to do our part to keep our environment clean, and help build a sustainable biotech innovation ecosystem.  On the environmental protection side, we take a minimalist approach in packaging, and limit our stock to room-temperature-stable products only to reduce energy cost in storage.  To help build a thriving innovation ecosystem, we make annual donations to various good causes locally and nationally.  Your suggestions are welcome!  Please check back here for our Twitter page (coming soon) often for new products and promotions announcements.  
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